A downloadable game for Windows

Updated as of 10/26/2018

Wall Slide
Wall Jump
See-Through Walls Shader,
Particle Effects
Stamina Bar
Perfect Shielding
Light Shielding
Shield Pushback / Shieldstun

Controls: Xbox One Controller / Xbox 360

Move- Left Stick
Shield- R2
Roll- R2 + Left Stick
Crouch- L2
Jump- A
Double Jump- A
Grab Ledge- Automatic
Air Dash- L3 + Left Stick
Camera- Right Stick
Change View- Select

Attacks- Light Press X, Y, B, L1, or R1
(15 Types of Attacks: Standing, Crouching, and Midair. Up, Down, Left, Right, and Neutral)

Special Arts- Hold X, Y, B, L1, or R1
(15 Types of Special Arts.)

X - Neutral Attacks (Jab)
Y - Up Attacks (Recovery)
B - Down Attacks (Spike)
L1 - Left Attacks (Sweep)
R1 - Right Attacks (Forward)

Use Right Stick while Shielding to move Shield

Long Jump- Jump while Sliding (Start a Crouch while Moving)
High Jump- Jump while stationary and Crouching
Roll up from Ledge- R2
Hop up from Ledge- A
Drop from Ledge- L2
Fast Fall- L2 while Falling
Wall Jump- Jump while Wall Sliding

Unaddressed Known Bugs / Issues:
Minor Animation Bugs (Rolling and Crouching)
Occasionally Freezing of Movement after Midair L1/R1 Special Arts. Perform any Attack or Special Art to regain Movement.
Air Dash Input to be remapped to same input as Rolling.
Sliding occasionally transitions into the falling animation erroneously. 

Unimplemented Items:
More Particles!
Escape from Wall Slide


Platform Fighter 3D.zip 72 MB

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