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Ready for some Espionage?

Compete with a friend (or foe) to steal as many government secrets from your opponent as possible!

Use stealth and firepower to accumulate as much enemy intelligence as possible, and return it to your drop point. But, beware! After a time you and your opponent will each be revealed to be a Double Agent, and must now work for the opposing side!

Race against time (and your opponent) to secure 10 intelligence as quickly as possible!

Eliminate guards and deactivate enemy turrets (but you may need them later)!



Player 1: Up: W; Down: S; Left: A; Right: D; Select Item: 1-3; Use Item / Action : 4

Player 2: Up: Numpad 5; Down: Numpad 2; Left: Numpad 1; Right: Numpad 3; Select Item: Numpad 7-9; Use Item/ Action: Numpad +

Gamepad: Joystick for movement; Select Item: X, Y, B; Use Item / Action: A

Programming: Zane Hedges, Andrei Osypov, Jeff Land

Art: Johanne Conover

Music Credits: 

"Head First Into A Wall" by Xerochi

"Do You Like To Jazz?" by Tajhi


Agent for Whom 23 MB

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